Imagine a place for your child that felt like home. A place where life-long bonds form with friends who feel like siblings and a teacher who knows and loves your child like a relative. A place where learning isn’t a separate event from playing. A place where nature isn’t something to visit but the very world surrounding us, from the food we eat to the place we play. A place where the curriculum springs up from the hearts of the children, the changing of the seasons, and the wonders of creation.

Wondergarten is a place where those five precious years before kindergarten are valued for the foundational, life-shaping years that they are.

Wondergarten Early Enrichment Home is a homestead-based multi-age childcare program serving Iowa’s Creative Corridor near Shueyville and Solon, Iowa. Owned and operated by a licensed teacher, Wondergarten combines the comfort of home with the benefits of a social and educational environment. Fulfilling the purposes of both a “daycare” and a “preschool”, Wondergarten is designed to serve children from birth until school age. Wondergarten exists to cultivate the natural wonder of young children and develop it into a powerful and meaningful foundation for all future learning experiences.


“Wisdom begins in wonder.” — Socrates