“We love Lianna and Wondergarten with all of our heart! Our daughter is an independent, curious artist and I am certain that Lianna has had much influence on the person she is today. All three of our children will have attended Wondergarten and our souls are at ease knowing they are living their days at Wondergarten exploring, loving, and learning to appreciate people and the world around them.”

~Katy and Brad

“My kids, now in 5th grade, were some of the charter members of Wondergarten. They are continuing to excel at schoolwork, music, and other social and extracurricular activities. I credit a lot of their continued success to the solid start they got in preschool under Lianna’s care. What a superior environment they had, with gentle but effective guidance, exposure and practice with the fundamentals of learning, and healthy and fun activities with just the right size group of “classmates” to practice social skills. I couldn’t have asked for more.”


“The quality of care our daughter received from Lianna was better than we ever expected. Children in Lianna’s care are nurtured and respected as their own individual people. Children learn to respect others, themselves, and our earth. Lianna’s style of care facilitates problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creative thinking. Children are provided the structure they need to thrive in an atmosphere that cultivates the child’s interests and encourages curiosity. It is obvious that Lianna truly loves the work she does. Our daughter was with Lianna from the age of 4 months until she started kindergarten, and even then she would request to go to Lianna’s for several weeks in the summer. In that time, our daughter developed her first lasting friendships and Lianna became more than a caregiver for our child. She and her family have become a part of our family.”

~Tony & Laurie

“My daughter (one-year-old at the time) was at Wondergarten in 2012 and 2013. She blossomed under Lianna Cornally’s care. Lianna is a positive and calm encourager who sees children as people deserving of respect and the opportunity to learn about their world in ways that are child-centered and developmentally appropriate. Lianna provides a selection of open-ended, hands-on activities that encourage children’s engagement and frequently connect children with nature and the outdoors. She helps children become problem solvers and resolve conflicts peacefully.  Lianna provides routine and structure so kids know what to expect and feel secure, while allowing them freedom to explore, play, and engage with other children—all the things that are so critical to a young child’s development. I appreciate that Lianna keeps current on best practices in early childhood education and is involved with a network of early child professionals who support her efforts to lovingly nurture children.  As a mom who relies too heavily on processed and fast foods, I am also so thankful for the variety of healthy but yummy whole foods my daughter enjoys under Lianna’s care.  I highly recommend Wondergarten. When my employment situation changed and I no longer needed child care for my daughter, it was a sad day for both my daughter and me to say goodbye to her Wondergarten family and such an important guide in my child’s life.”


“My first five years as a mother I stayed at home with my children, so I was nervous about transitioning my two sons to outside care.  But very quickly my worries faded as Wondergarten became my sons’ home away from home, a place where they developed important social ties beyond our immediate family, and came home each afternoon singing rhymes and summarizing stories Lianna had shared with them.  It was a joy to witness them thriving both socially and intellectually in Lianna’s care.”


If there were more teachers like you Lianna, there would be no child left behind and every little child would be MORE THAN READY FOR KINDERGARTEN! Every child that walks into Wondergarden comes into a LOVING environment and we as parents/grandparents KNOW they are in a SAFE, EDUCATIONAL environment. We LOVE you for what you do and God DEFINITELY gave you a VERY IMPORTANT GIFT………….the GIFT of making our children better people and are taught how to be polite and be kind to one another. I wouldn’t send my grandbabies any place else! You are the WOMAN!!! Luv ya!


Top 9 Reasons Lianna Is The Best

By Julia (Wondergarten student 2007-2012)

9. Lianna is awesome because she is awesome!
8. When you’re 5 or older she lets you go downstairs and not take a nap.
7. If you’re tall enough to reach over the fence, you can pet the dog.
6. She reads lots of different stories: short ones, long ones…
5. Our garden has lots of fruits and vegetables and we get to try all of them and make a salad out of them for lunch and it’s really fun!
4. She can play awesome songs on the piano. She lets us play on the piano.
3. She walks us down to Mercer to hear stories in the park.
2. She taught me to read, write, and do math but I didn’t know it was learning because she makes things fun.
1. Lianna is kind and helpful.